Reed Declares Advancement Of National Comedy Center Bill

JAMESTOWN – U.S. Rep. Tom Reed announced his bill Thursday to officially designate the National Comedy Center, and recognize it as the only museum of its kind that exists for the exclusive purpose of celebrating comedy in all its forms, passed unanimously in the House Natural Resources Committee.
“As the birthplace of Lucille Ball, there is no better city or town to hold the National Comedy Center then Jamestown, NY,” said Reed. “I would like to thank my colleagues on the Natural Resources Committee for recognizing this, and I look forward to continue seeing the National Comedy Center revitalize our community.”
The bill is now eligible to go before the entire House of Representatives.


  1. Because that’s what needs fixing here. Officials continue to turn a blind eye on the state of this city. Crime is ridiculously high, drugs are taking over the city destroying families & lives, & the city infrastructure is in awful shape (granted the recent road paving is a step in the right direction). These officials want to bring to tourism here and all these tourists will see is the junkies on the corners, sleazy shady neighborhoods, and a crumbling city infrastructure that is old & outdated. But yeah, let’s worry about a comedy center that most of the residents here could care less about because their problems are much bigger than that. They’re trying to feed their poor family and struggling to get by. They want better but don’t know how.
    Let’s help each other out first. It only makes the city better for everyone. There’s an idea to wrap your head around.

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