Reed Supports New Trade Deal With Mexico

ALBANY – Rep. Tom Reed said President Trump’s new trade deal with Mexico pulls American trade with Mexico “out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.”
Reed announced the United States and Mexico have negotiated a new trade agreement, pending congressional approval, to create jobs, boost economic growth and increase opportunities for hard-working people.
“We look forward to bringing closure to the trade issues yet to be solved with Canada and further reviewing this deal to verify our local farmers, manufacturers and workers are treated fairly.” Reed said.

Reed said local farmers will benefit from the new agreement by ensuring continued market access with Mexico with zero tariffs on agricultural goods, improved  transparency and communication in the grading of agricultural products and an increased Mexican market access for U.S. cheeses, wine and spirits, Reed said.
Manufacturers will also benefit from the trade deal, he said, by incentivizing car companies to build their cars in America, helps preserve and re-shore vehicle and parts production in the United States and ensures companies are using parts from the United States that are key to future automobile production and high-paying jobs.
Reed said the deal closes the wage gap between Mexico and the United States in the automobile and car parts production industry to ensure U.S. workers have a chance to compete.