Remembering Those Who Gave The Most For Our Freedom

JAMESTOWN – Monday is Memorial Day and, although the day represents the beginning of most people’s summer, it truly represents the greatest people of our Country.
The aforementioned people are the men and women who have sacrificed their very lives so that you and I can live free.  Many people throughout the country argue about certain topics thanks to the freedom of speech. Ministers of faiths will take to the pulpit this Sunday under the freedom of religion.
New babies will be born, houses bought, marriages and new jobs started, all of which are covered under the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What we often forget is that the very rights we take mostly for granted were freely sacrificed by many to ensure that they would be available for you, and the generations that follow you.
In service we give up our rights; it is an honor and a privilege to do so. Some of our brothers and sisters however gave up the right to life to ensure yours, and those men and women deserve our utmost gratitude and respect. So, as you start your summer with cook outs and family gatherings take a moment to remember those who gave all so that you may pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Below are events and activities for Memorial Day weekend Please choose to attend and honor our Nations Heroes.
Join Our Justin Gould and A.D. Simko will be live from the Gold Star  Mothers Ceremony at Veterans Park on Third St. in Jamestown Saturday. The event Sponsored by Blue Star Mothers will begin at 10 am.
We will, again, have live coverage of the Jamestown Memorial Day Parade and the ceremonies at Soldiers Circle in Lakeview Cemetery on Monday.
The Gerry Memorial Day Parade will be held @ 2 p.m.
Cassadaga Memorial Day parade @ 11 am
Dunkirk Lighthouse Memorial Day Services @ 8:45 am
Dunkirk City Memorial Day Service and Parade, Service starts @ 10 am, parade starts @ 11 am
Forestville Memorial Day parade and service @ 10 am
Jamestown City Memorial Day Parade @ 10 am
Sinclairville Memorial Day parade @ 9 am