Report: Revenue From Parking Fines Up Significantly In Jamestown

JAMESTOWN-The city’s Treasury Department says revenue from parking fines rose almost eight percent from 2015 to 2016. 

Todd Thomas, appointed to his position just two weeks ago, said the city collected $261,728.27 in 2015 and $281,044.61 last year.

Meanwhile, residents and some out-of town visitors spoke to us about the difficulty that they have sometimes finding a parking space while they’re here.

A county resident who lives right outside of the city told us he believes there’s a bias when it comes to who gets ticketed and who doesn’t.

“Right now it’s terrible and winter is coming so there will be even less parking,” said Ron from Frewsburg.

“They are (parking enforcement) fair if you live downtown, but if you don’t live downtown you get a ticket,” he added.

A man who drove almost five hours to get to Jamestown from Columbus, Ohio said he had to drive around the block, “several times to find a spot.”

“This particular spot we found wasn’t for our vehicle, so we are gonna move,” he said.

If you do end up receiving a ticket while you’re conducting business in Jamestown, there are a few ways to pay it.

According to the city’s website, parking tickets are due and payable upon receipt. Payments can be made in person at the Treasurer’s Office, mailed to P.O. Box 150, Jamestown, NY 14702-0150, or dropped off in drop boxes located on Tracy Plaza, the City Hall lobby, or the Police Department entrance on East Second Street. Tickets may also be paid online at Parking Ticket Payment.

State law says if a vehicle accumulates $101 or over in parking fines, it is subject to booting and towing.


  1. How about freeing up some parking spots around Tracey Plaza.That are taken up by off and on duty police/ city vehicles!

  2. Nothing to be proud of for the city. That’s why downtown local businesses are hurting and why I never shop downtown. I wrote a letter to the mayor about this years ago and told her why Jamestown isn’t competing with the Lakewood Mall and the area. Jamestown may have made $280,000 in fines last year, but they lost over $4,000,000 in sales to other cities. Again, BACKWARDS THINKING! They should build a few more STUPID statues and parks downtown.

  3. The city now has the meter police going around city residuals streets giving tickets for everything. I now park in my lawn so I won’t get stung by a desperate city meter reader. Jamestown will do anything to get your money.

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