Residents: Turbine Project Blowing In Wrong Direction

SINCLAIRVILLE-A multi-million dollar wind turbine project for Northern Chautauqua County remains contentious with local residents raising objections.

Concerned citizens continue to protest the ongoing project at several locations in northern Chautauqua County.

The Cassadaga Wind Farm is slated to put up 58 500-foot turbines.  Arkwright Summit Wind is slated to build and install  35 turbines and Ball Hill Wind Energy Project projects 29 turbines. They will be constructed on 40,000 acres of farm and recreation land in the towns of Cherry Creek, Charlotte, Arkwright, Stockton, Villanova and Hanover.

Arkwright resident Bruce Roll, one of the protestors in Sinclairville Friday afternoon, said “You can’t turn Lackawanna  or Love Canal into a beautiful place like Chautauqua County, but they are turning Arkwright – Cassadaga into an industrial site.”

Many area residents said they received no information about the projects until they were underway.

“There is a total disregard for the environment, the wildlife, bird and bat habitat, the watershed, and the people who live here,” Roll said.

At a ‘Meet the Candidates Night’ presentation in Dunkirk Thursday, County legislator George Borrello, Chautauqua County Executive candidate criticized the plan.

“The only thing green about these things is the money – because Wall Street LLCs have been created for the sole purpose of sucking up taxpayer dollars and spitting them out to the crony capitalists… This is not what we need in Chautauqua County. We don’t need our natural vistas destroyed by this,” he said. “We don’t need the adverse health effects that have been associated with windmills. I don’t want to see a perpetual subsidy to create those jobs. It’s not right. It’s not right to burden the taxpayers with those things. I just don’t want to see a perpetual tax subsidy that creates that.”

Area residents will continue to stage informational protests in an attempt to alert the public to the “ongoing disaster.” Roll said.

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  1. Growing numbers of concerned citizens are protesting wind energy developments because their communities are being blighted by this decades old corporate fraud.
    Decent people do not want to see government collusion and corporate fraud to blight their communities. Not only do these disgusting turbines not belong in their communities they don’t belong anywhere because this is an industry of sociopathic liars that has been rigging research for decades to conceal wind energy’s horrendous impacts to people and wildlife. For them, committing 3rd degree research fraud, secretly slaughtering thousands of eagles with turbines and selling America’s coal etc. to other countries, so taxpayers can then be fleeced out of 100’s of billions is not their idea a wonderful green future.

    America’s cheap coal, fossil fuels and gas, instead of making cheap electricity for Americans is now being shipped overseas. In the meantime, these worthless turbines have solved nothing for the greater good. But they have destroyed remote landscapes, secretly slaughtered millions upon millions of protected birds annually and have put dozens of species on a fast track to extinction.

    Then in this crazy corrupt world, wind energy producers are allowed to collect billions annually from Production Tax Credits. Decent people cannot accept that these tax credits are being given out by Washington when most of this wind energy produced in remote locations, is lost in transmission before it ever reaches end users.
    Due to these inherent wind energy distribution losses, all the government wind energy production data being posted on the EIA and Department of Energy web sites, are fabricated. None of the figures are real world and all these fake figures are an illusion based upon numbers provided by wind energy contracts.
    Growing number of concerned citizens understand that wind energy has no real value.

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