Roberts Receives Working Families Party Endorsement

DUNKIRK-Dunkirk native Rachel Roberts announced her endorsement by the Working Families Party Monday for City Court Judge.
 Roberts and her husband George have lived in Dunkirk for 15 years with chidren Georgia, Theodore, Charles and William.
Roberts has worked for the Chautauqua County District Attorney’s Office for the past fifteen years as an assistant district attorney. She reportedly helped bring the first Child Advocacy Center (CAC) to the county. A CAC is a place where children who are victims of abuse can go to be interviewed in a child friendly environment, and all the disciplines (law enforcement, CPS, and prosecution) participate together to lessen the stress and trauma to the child.
Roberts was also reportedly responsible for obtaining grant funds to hire the DA Office’s first Spanish speaking victim advocate.
“Although I am a registered Democrat, I am honored to be chosen as the endorsed candidate of the Working Families Party,” Roberts said. “As a working mother of four their endorsement is especially meaningful to me.”
Roberts said she is also seeking the Democratic, Women’s Equality, Republican, and Independence lines.