Sailboat Overturns, Elderly Man Rescued By Samaritans And Police

CHAUTAUQUA LAKE NORTH BASIN – A 77-year-old man was rescued from Chautauqua Lake Friday afternoon after his sailboat overturned and he was unable to get back on-board.
Sheriff’s deputies said that the man, who was floating with a life vest for an extended period of time, had become extremely fatigued and hypothermic.
A nearby pontoon boat found the sailboat operator and good Samaritans jumped in the water to attempt a rescue. Deputies said that they were however unable to pull him from the water.
Chautauqua County Sheriff Navigation Deputies were called to the scene and with the help of the Samaritans pulled the man onto the pontoon boat.
The county’s navigation unit transferred the man to their boat and brought him ashore at Midway State Park.
The man was checked by EMT’s from the Maple Springs Fire Department and the Chautauqua County Paramedic Unit.
He was not transported to the hospital.