Seinfeld Director To Join National Comedy Center Week At Institution

CHAUTAUQUA-“Seinfeld” Director David Steinberg will be the featured guest August 1st as part of Chautauqua Institution’s “Comedy and the Human Condition” programs according to a joint announcement Wednesday from the Institution and National Comedy Center. 

Steinberg, recently declared a “comic institution himself” by the NY Times, was a legendary comedian of the 1960s-80s before directing numerous accredited television comedies like “Seinfeld”, “Mad About You”, “Friends”, “Newhart” and “The Golden Girls”.

Steinberg is currently in his ninth season as director of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. His résumé also includes multiple producing ventures on television.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan will feature the 2017 Lucille Ball Comedy Show Aug. 3rd-6th just two days after the Institution’s event concludes.