Sen. Schumer Changes Mind, Supports Decriminalizing Marijuana

WASHINGTON – Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said his thinking has “evolved” regarding decriminalizing marijuana and he will propose legislation to remove marijuana from the federal list of scheduled substances  under the Controlled Substances Act.
Schumer announced his support today, for the first time, for decriminalizing marijuana on a federal level and said he plans to introduce legislation  to that effect. The proposed law would allow states to continue to determine the legality of marijuana within its own borders. But, it would not change federal authorities ability to prevent trafficking into states where it remains illegal.
“The time has come to decriminalize marijuana,” Schumer said“My thinking – as well as the general population’s views – on the issue has evolved, and so I believe there’s no better time than the present to get this done. It’s simply the right thing to do” he said. “This legislation would let the states be the laboratories that they should be, ensure that woman and minority owned business have a fair shot in the marijuana industry, invests in critical research on THC, and ensures that advertisers can’t target children – it’s a balanced approach. ”
The proposed legislation would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level, keep a level of autonomy for states, and, Schumer said, level the economic playing field. He also said the legislation would help ensure public safety, invest in public health and regulate marijuana advertising.