Sheriff’s Department Urges Safety For Little Ghosts And Ghouls

MAYVILLE – For those who celebrate it, Halloween is often a time of fun and treats for thousands of local families, but a good time can turn into a bad time very quickly.
With that in mind, Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace is offering a series of safety tips for this Halloween, to help prevent problems.
With costumes a popular option, Gerace is urging parents and guardians to use face paint instead of masks when ever possible. If a mask is used, there should be adequate holes for proper breathing and peripheral vision.
Whatever costume is selected, all trick or treaters should wear some sort of reflective clothing, carry a bright orange bag and carry a flashlight or glow stick to make it easier for passing cars to spot them while they walk on the sidewalk or left side of the road facing traffic.
Young children should always be accompanied by an adult. Either a parent or older child should stay within close range at all times. Never let the children go down a street by themselves. In addition, walk with the children to each house and wait in the driveway or by the door until the children return.
Older children should travel in pairs or in groups at all times while trick or treating and should never venture down a dark, empty side street. Parents should know the route that their children are following. Children should always walk together to the front door of each house and never run across the street or across the yard. Dark, unlighted houses should be avoided.
Children should not have any of their treats until they get home and the treats have been closely inspected. Discard all unwrapped candy or any suspicious looking goodies. If a child gets sick, try to determine what he or she has eaten and where it came from. Call the doctor or the hospital emergency room immediately and save all wrappers.
Also remember that jack-o-lanterns and any electrical decorations can be fire hazards. Keep them out of the reach of small children and away from flammables such as draperies, furniture and paper decorations. Do not leave the house unattended.