Sherman School Bus Driver Being Hailed A Hero

SHERMAN – A Sherman Central School bus driver is being haled a hero Thursday after pulling kids off of a bus just minutes before it burst into flames on Parker Rd.
Sherman Superintendent Michael Ginestre told WNYNewsNow the driver noticed the problem as the bus was heading towards the school. Ginestre said the driver used his training to get kids off the bus and, eventually, into another bus.
“Our driver witnessed the problem from the back of the bus, and he immediately moved kids from the back of the bus to the front of the bus,” Ginestre said. “Then, he decided quickly to evacuate the bus.”
Ginestre said the other bus happened to be in the area of the incident.
“We had another bus in the area, thank goodness, and the kids were outside for about two-to-three minutes, and then they got on the other bus and were transported directly to school,” Ginestre said.
“The driver was great. He acted very quickly, noticed there could be an unsafe situation, got the kids off of the bus and radioed another bus.”
Ginestre said the defected bus burst into flames moments after the dispatched bus pulled away.
“Once the bus pulled away, it (defected bus) became engulfed in flames,” Ginestre said. “No one was on the bus, 911 was called and the Stanley Hose Company went right out and immediately took care of the situation.”
Ginestre said the burning bus was a total loss.


  1. My daughter Nikole was following the bus on her way to work when she could smell burnt rubber, she then noticed flames from the rear wheel and alerted the bus driver.

  2. Thank Goodness no one was hurt. If the bus driver is being haled a hero, why wouldn’t you include his name?

  3. Thank goodness for all the training bus,drivers must go through, he is also a fireman with extra training. He happens to be my Grandson so we are vary proud of him as well.

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