Skateboarders From Around The Region Laud Jamestown As “Destination Hot Spot”

JAMESTOWN-A steady flow of some of the most loyal and talented skaters around flocked to an indoor skate park on Saturday for fellowship and competition. 

The park is on the second floor of Pete Scheira’s building on Pine St., which also houses his retail shop, Jamestown Skate Products.

“The reason this has been successful is my friends and the city,” Scheira said. “From the mayor on down, everybody is extremely supportive and that’s what makes us successful.”

We spoke to several skaters while we were taking in the atmosphere.

Matt Domanowski drove from Hamburg, and he says he makes the trip faithfully. “This place is awesome,” Domanowski remarked.

“I’m watching skateboarders as young as seven years-old ride around here, and I love it.”

We asked Scheira if he was planning to expand his business. He said he wants to finish building the indoor park but he did say some of the projects were in the works.

To demonstrate the sport’s popularity, in August, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted unanimously to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo.