Small Business Saturday: Shop Local, Impact Locally

JAMESTOWN – It is an unwritten rule that small businesses are the lifeblood of communities economically.
With that in mind, the City of Jamestown is noting that Saturday is Small Business Saturday.
Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi noted the impact of small, locally owned and operated businesses.
“Businesses have a brick and mortar presence within our community that are employing people here, that are paying taxes here, they are paying utility bills here, that are paying rent and mortgage payments here.” Teresi said. “The businesses that buy advertising, form local businesses here, and the businesses that are engaging with the community by getting involved with everything from local sports teams, to churches, to school projects, to arts organizations in the community.”
“These are the businesses that have a physical presence that make this city go and localities around the country go on a daily basis,” Teresi explained.
Not only are shoppers participating in the annual event, but local business owners also see the importance of supporting the local economy.
“I think it’s exiting. It’s part of Jamestown’s renaissance. I think there are a lot of small businesses downtown so there are things happening, there’s a reason to come here,” Sarah Bigney, owner of Crown Roast Coffee, said. “For us, personally, this is our work, this is what we do, this is how we provide for our family, and this is our life.”
According to American Express, which helped launch Small Business Saturday and the Shop Small movement in 2010, the day is “A special day when we can show support as a nation for small business owners and communities – helps fuel the Shop Small Movement and is the cornerstone of American Express’ Shop Small efforts.”
Statistics show that American consumers have spent an estimated $85 Billion at independent retailers and restaurants over these eight days alone.
Reporters Justin Gould and Rory Pollaro contributed to this report.