St. Susan Center Offers Warm Food For Thanksgiving And Daily

JAMESTOWN – For 35 years the St. Susan Center has been providing, love, God’s word and a hot meal to Jamestown residents who may need a bit of help. This year continues that tradition.
Katie Murdoch, administrative coordinator of St. Susan’s said a warm meal is available daily and she expects to serve between 200 and 300 meals Thanksgiving Day.
“There are very few places that serve a free meal on Thanksgiving. In fact, I think we’re one of the only places I know that serve a free meal on Thanksgiving,” Murdoch told WNYNewsNow. “For some people who come through our door it means that’s the only meal they’re going to get that day and we definitely try to provide a meal that mirrors the meal you’d get at home if you had the capabilities of providing that meal for your family.”
St. Susan provides 300 to 500 meals a day, 364 days a year, Murdoch said. She said the agency is doing God’s work and is one of the few agencies in America who can share God’s word with other services.
“We are doing God’s work. We’re one of the few agencies left in our country who actually are able to spread the word of God while we do our job. We have prayers rooms for people to pray, we do pray for people. We try to guide people and guide them with servitude that God would want us to have,” she said.
Volunteers and food donations are we vital to keeping the enter open and feeding those in need.
“We need volunteers to keep our center open, with only eight paid staff and we feed between 300 and 500 people every day, it is paramount that our  volunteers keep coming through the doors,” she said.
This year, BS. Tabone Construction provided 250 turkeys with all the trimmings to be made at home.
If people would like to volunteer or contact St. Susan Center they can walk in or call (716) 664 2253.
Murdoch said the Center is a great place to warm up during the cold weather.
“Any day stay for an hour. If your out there and you’re cold, come in get a meal have some soup and warm up before going back out into the inclement weather,” she said.