State Police Asked To Assist PA Authorities In Missing Persons Case

SHERMAN – New York State Police are currently assisting authorities from Pennsylvania in a missing persons case.

State Police Captain Eric Balon told WNYNewsNow that authorities are looking for a Pennsylvania resident who may be in the Sherman area.
A concerned viewer sent WNYNewsNow a picture of a flyer which states that the missing resident is Sven Blumquist, no age given, who was reportedly last seen at the Blue Heron Festival on July 7th.
Blumquist is described by the flyer as having blue eyes and brown hair down to his shoulders. He is also listed as 6-1.


  1. The weekend of the Heron we drove by the state Barns in Sherman, Saturday around 3ish and there was someone sleeping in the shade out front. Looked like a guy with longish hair and a few bags. I wonder if it was him

  2. Sounds like someone needs to search the Blue Heron Festival grounds and surrounding forest for him. Sounds fishy.

  3. Agreed, someone knew his where abouts. He went with friends an left his truck parked.what was his mood before he disappeared and days before, what are his likes, dislikes, can be to leads where he would be or wandered to in the woods. Did anyone give him anything or do anything stupid an slip anything in his drink, if so please go find him because , you will know the mood he will be in or go through depending, also did he go alone, who last talked to him, seen him . Somebody knows something. Please don’t leave this guy out there alone, not to be found.theres snakes, spiders, bears, coyotes, out there. Maybe get some people together for camp outs all over out there with tents , walk the grounds and set up camp for days and he may be found an wander back or wander upon. Just ideas, get people on 4wheelers, mules, Gators Jeep’s what ever can make it out there.

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