State Police Captain Says You Can Recertify Pistol Permit Online

JAMESTOWN – The state deadline to renew your pistol permit is only ten days away. New York State Police Captain Eric Balon says you can either recertify online or at a local State Police barracks. 
“From what people tell me, it’s very quick and easy,” Balon said. “My license doesn’t need to be renewed this year, so I don’t know first-hand, but people tell me it’s pretty quick and easy.
There is no fee for re-certification. This change comes as part of the New York State Safe Act, where permit holders are required to re-certify every five years. As for those who don’t re-certify, Balon hasn’t been told what will happen.
The nearest barracks is on Rt. 60 heading towards Gerry. Another barracks is located on Rt. 60 near Fredonia.

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