State Trooper Saves Choking Baby’s Life

MACHIAS – A New York State Police Trooper is a hero today after he saved a choking baby on Route 16 in Machias.

Trooper Aaron Kawado- SP Machias

On Wednesday at about 8:15 p.m., Trooper Aaron Kawado, was driving on State Route 16 and noticed a vehicle abruptly pull on to the shoulder of the road and saw the occupants leave the vehicle.
The Trooper responded and was met by a man yelling he needed help and carrying a one-year-old infant who was choking.
Trooper Kawado immediately took the baby and performed back blows which dislodged the object from the baby’s throat.
Delevan Fire and Rescue responded to the scene and evaluated the baby, who was deemed healthy and the father signed off with medical personnel.