STUDY: Crashes Up In States First To Legalize Marijuana

WASHINGTON – New research indicates automobile crashes are up by as much as 6% in the first states to legalize the sale of Recreational Marijuana.
The number of accidents in Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington State have all increased.
Compared to some neighboring states that have not legalized Marijuana for recreational use.
The study only compared numbers with a set of four control states, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute conducted the research.
The findings are being presented at a law enforcement summit organized by the two groups.
Other states where marijuana is either decriminalized or allowed for medical use were not included in the study.
Five additional states and the District of Columbia allow the recreational use of Marijuana for adults.
Medical Marijuana is legal in another 22 states and 15 more states permit the use of specific cannabis products for designated medical conditions.