Teen In Serious Condition Following Vehicle Vs. Buggy Accident

LEON – A 16-year-old Cattaraugus teen is in serious condition at ECMC Hospital following a vehicle vs. horse-and-buggy accident on Route 62 Wednesday, according to the New York State Police. 

Image by New York State Police.

Police said the teen operating the buggy exited a driveway on the east side of Route 62 and attempted to travel south when a northbound vehicle, operated by 23-year-old Gowanda woman Bridget Loeb, struck the buggy. The teen was ejected from the buggy, according to the report.
Loeb’s vehicle continued in a northern direction on Route 62 before coming to rest in the middle of the roadway. Loeb was treated and released from Brooks Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.
No charges were filed.
Image by New York State Police.


  1. Just one more incident/accident with the Amish traveling after dark. The Amish need to be held accountable for their actions!!

  2. How do u know it was his fault that’s my best friend that got hit the hell you mean accountable for there actions he was going home from work that woman is the one responsible for this mess people need to realize that the Amish are on the road that people need to be aware of that and watch for them end of story so all these accidents would stop happening

  3. Well aren’t you the compassionate one. Teenage girl in serious condition and all you can say is the Amish need to be held accountable. What a bi###.

  4. What kind of cruel person are you Katbleen! When i heard about the accident, after being redirected around the block from it, i wanted to cry. That was someones family member. It could have been your loved one! Its their way of life. I find them admirable to sacrifice so much for their beliefs. Everyone that drives where Amish travel, know to drive slower and keep their high beems on. The roads through there are very winding. This poor young women is in serious condition. I am sick to read someone like you be so incensitive. I pray for her family and her. I cant imagine going through something like that.

  5. It would be beneficial if the horses had to wear reflector gear on their harnesses and reflectors on all sides of buggy. Would stand out a lot more than the lanterns they use. Hard to see something all black, buggy, horse in the pitch black night. Hope he makes a full recovery. Prayers go out to him and his family ???

  6. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Kathleen you must be a city slicker because you people are the only ones that would say something like that. I travel that road twice a week, I watch where I am going. The Amish have every right to be on the roads as much as cars do. That is their way of life. People need to slow down and watch for others on the road.

  7. What the hell do you mean the Amish need to be held accountable for their actions? They have just as mush right if not more to be on the road. People need to pay attention where they are going and NOT DRIVE DISTRACTED! Not ssying the driver of the car was, but calling out the Amish on this is uncalled for! You are what is erong with this world! I hope that poor boy is gonna be ok. Charges need to be pressed against all motorvehicle drivers that are involved in accidents like this. There is no excuse for it!

  8. Always always always be extra cautious in Amish territories. There are little kids, horses, kids and dogs walking down the road, buggies, buggies carrying boats and somtimes slabs of lumber. Ive seen them doing this. It is a matter of cautiousness and curtiousness. We drve fast, powerful, deadly vehicles that a buggy couldn’t compare to. These are human lives that we need to protect as drivers, including our own lives and safety. It is theirs and our responsibility to always use common sense so everyone is safe. We have to share the road, so we must share the responsibility! There is no pointing fingers here. This is a lesson we all must learn from so it doesnt happen again. Prayers and healing to the hurting, very sad.

  9. Kathleen people out in the country around here ride horses down the road all the time but I guess they must be idiots too. Your pathetic if anything should be done charges should be brought for the one that hit the buggy. I guarantee looking at the buggy that I horse died.

  10. Brian, it is possibly if the horses were to wear harnesses of reflection. Look at the first picture of the buggy on the left side of the picture with all the reflectiveness on it, but yet she still ran in to the buggy!! The truth of the matter is there are Amish buggies with Amish in that area, people need to open their eyes and slow down just a little bit in that area! Look a little further ahead then just their phones, and notice their surroundings. With any luck the 16 year old will make a full recovery.

  11. Thier buggy’s have lights so they are visible. Would you like to be band from doing stuff at certain times? It’s the people with no respect for others that degrade the Amish. Next time you look in the mirror I hope you see the ugliness that you portray.

  12. Actually and thankfully the horse was alive and clear down past the other side of Leon. The driver was going 65…FYI the speed limit out here is 40 for a reason. This could have been worse

  13. How heartless. She has to live forever with the fact that she hit and hurt possibly killed another human being…no matter how it happened, or whose “fault” it was or is. He may not survive. Is that enough accountability for you? I truly can’t believe you posted that comment. We should all live our lives as perfectly as you do.

  14. You make me sick asshole! Amish should have brake lights, turning signals, and everything else should have to be inspected on their buggies!!! Don’t bash someone for getting into an a accident with the damb Amish!!!!! I almost died because on an accident with them !! They were in the middle of the road in dark conditions without proper lighting. I lost my truck my job and have had neck and back surgery because of this damb accident. I paid for the buggy and even checked on them after it but it’s not right and neither are you !!! So shut it!!!!

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