Town Of Harmony Judge Resigns In Wake Of Ethics Complaint

HARMONY – Town of Harmony Justice Bruce Scolton submitted his resignation, dated Nov. 28 and effective on Tuesday, in response to an ethics complaint lodged against him, according to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Scolton, who became the Town Justice in 1990, was reportedly served with a formal written complaint dated Nov. 19 that contained three charges.

The Commission reported that Scolton, between July 1991 to July 2018, failed to make timely reports and deposits of court funds to the State Comptroller and the town’s chief fiscal officer.

The Commission’s report stated that, in 1998 and 2000, Scolton was warned about failing to make the proper reports and deposits. Between Jan. 2015 and July 2018, Scolton reportedly missed all but three deadlines.

Scolton’s salary as judge was withheld on numerous occasions due to the missed filings.

Scolton also allegedly failed to make proper notifications to the Department of Motor Vehicles with the status of 2,612 defendants in motor vehicle cases who were either convicted, or failed to pay fines, etc.

Scolton also allegedly failed to monitor his official court email account or respond to emails received by that accounts from Jan. 2015 to May 2018, and between mid-2017 through about May 2018, failed to activate or utilize a compute and software provided to him and his court by the Office of Court Administration (OCA) for the purpose of facilitating the court’s financial and case administration.

The counselor has agreed to not seek or accept judicial office in the future, according to the report.

Scolton is also a partner at Erickson, Webb, Scolton and Hadju. WNYNewsNow was told Scolton was “out until next week” during an attempt to reach him at the law firm for comment.

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  1. This is Sad. Because I lost cash to the town twice in 2018 June, July. We seen his Cadillac at 856 Weeks Rd. Panama. How did I know, because I seen his car twice for false arrest last year. TRUTH ! I should have never been arrested last year. On hear say by neighbor. If true we’re are pictures from accused. We all have camera ? phones. I am out 3,000 in bonds and another $300.00 in fines. Plus I had to go back to FL. This really happened to me..

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