Trees, Powerlines Topple As Severe Weather Hits Chautauqua County

MAYVILLE-Emergency dispatchers fielded dozens of calls for downed trees and power lines Monday as severe weather punished Chautauqua County for at least ninety minutes.

County officials told WNYNewsNow that the Town of Sherman was the first in line to deal with the aftermath of strong winds and steady rain. At approximately 3:30 PM, police responded to 105 Kipp Avenue for a report of trees and power lines blocking the roadway.

Over the next two hours, county officials said at least 20 calls for fallen trees and downed power lines came in.

The Jamestown Police Department says there were at least two serious vehicle accidents as a result of tricky weather conditions.

The tornado watch for much of Western New York has been canceled as of 5:25 PM. Skyline Weather Forecaster Dokota Hunter said a areal flood warning remains in effect until 7:45 PM.

A areal flood warning is issued after excessive rainfall resulting in general flooding not related to streams and creeks.

Hunter expects the remainder of the evening to be fairly quite.

Justin Gould and Dokota Hunter contributed to this report.

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