“UBER” Successful Family Launches Law Firm In Downtown Jamestown

JAMESTOWN-A local man who attended undergraduate school in Buffalo and law school at Michigan State University credits the growth and potential in downtown as the reason he returned to New York to open up his legal practice. 

“With our family being here in Jamestown and how downtown has really been picking up and the great vibe down here, it was an easy choice to come back,” said Shane Uber, Attorney At Law.

Uber practices general law which he said he prefers because everyday is different.

“I do everything from real estate to corporate to criminal to divorces, and that’s one of the best things about doing general practice (because) everyday is a challenge,” said Uber.

Shane’s mother, Melissa, is a business owner as well. “I am very proud of all three of my sons,” Uber said. “They all work incredibly hard but I am  also very thankful  for the community, the teacher, the aunts, the uncles.

“Everybody has worked  hard together and these three guys (sons) are pretty special and I’m pretty proud.”