Underwood Vows Court Battle In Net Neutrality

ALBANY – Acting New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood reacted to the news that the rollback of net neutrality will take effect June 11, by saying she looks forward to making her case in court.
“This office has proudly led the suit to block this illegal rollback of net neutrality – and we certainly won’t stop now. We look forward to making our case in court,” Underwood said in a released statement.
She noted how important a free and open internet is to a free democracy.
 A free and open internet is critical to New York, and to our democracy. The repeal of net neutrality would allow internet service providers to put their profits before the consumers they serve and control what we see, do, and say online” she said.
In February, New York – leading a coalition of 23 Attorneys General – filed suit to block the illegal rollback of net neutrality.