Victim Identified In Monday Morning Fatal

CHARLOTTE-The ChautauquaΒ County Sheriff’s Office has identified Justin Lee Romaniuk, 20, of Lakewood as the young driver who perished in Monday’s fatal wreck.

Investigators believe that Romaniuk’s vehicle was traveling south on Rt 60 when it crossed into the northbound lane striking a Coach USA bus.

Romaniuk suffered seriousΒ blunt force injuries and had to be extracted from the vehicle.

AccordingΒ toΒ Romaniuk’s Facebook page, he was attending the University at Buffalo and worked at Little Caesars in Jamestown.

Image by Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office

The driver of the coach Debra Lee Grimes is facing non-life threatening injuries at ECMC in Buffalo after being freed by the jaws-of-life.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating the reason Romaniuk’s vehicle crossed the center line.

For more on this story see earlier report: “One Dead, Three Others Injured In Fatal Car-to-Bus Crash



  1. I am sad that a young man lost his life on that terrible route 60 people drive terrible on that road, my prayers go out to the family of this young man.

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  3. I hope you had permission from the family to post his name and picture.. Other news organizations will not say the name but you have his Facebook picture up.. This will be against all ethics of a credible news organization. We need this family to deal with this tragedy with peace and dignity not plastering his face all over Facebook..

  4. I agree Vicki! Rt 60 is terrible! I traveled that road on a daily basis and saw some of the worst driving.

  5. Hi Michelle,

    We got an official release from the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office with the victim’s name. The picture is from a public social media profile.


  6. Some people man…let’s worry about ourselves or offer condolences to the family not play news lawyer..if your so legally inclined where’s your law degree?? Don’t have one Ehh? Thought so…foh

  7. Such a sad day for this young man’s family .Rt 60 is one of the worst roads around here I can’t not count how many bad car wrecks I have heard about on this strip . Sending prayers to this young man’s family and prayers for everyone involved in this horrific car accident! !

  8. Of course you could live by your own word as well… but then again. What kind of man would that make you?

  9. Agree maybe the rest of his family lives out of town and seeing this on Facebook with no clue yet…sooo wrong-r.i.p.and giving strength to his family,sorry for your loss- way to young,could not imagine,God bless!

  10. Totally unfeeling to post this picture. Please take it down. Think of this childs family

  11. That is so tragic…to young to lose his life. My deepest condolences and prayers to his family!

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