VIDEO: Father And Daughter Rally Support For Jamestown Housing Project

JAMESTOWN-A father and daughter spoke out Tuesday discussing a  controversial housing project that would spruce up a dilapidated section of Spring St.

Steve Watson told WNYNewsNow he believes CODE, the landlords of the perspective project, will help contribute to the well being of the neighborhood.

Public housing has recently been a contentious issue in Jamestown.

Some within the development community believe that the city has no room for an additional project.

A letter from the former CEO of the Gebbie Foundation, Daniel Kathman, denounced the project in December 2016.

Kathman writing that an additional housing project would damage the city’s long term future.

WNYNewsNow reached out to Gebbie’s current CEO Greg Edwards who said he was not prepared to address the issue.

According to the foundation focus on the revitalization of downtown Jamestown through “investments in community and economic development initiatives.”