VIDEO: Jamestown Area Auto Dealerships Fined By New York State Attorney General

JAMESTOWN-Several Chautauqua County auto dealerships will be writing large checks to the New York State Attorney General’s Office after a recent investigation revealed they knowingly sold vehicles to customers without disclosing they were under recall.


  1. I don’t care. Ed Shultz has always treated us wonderful. Been dealing with them since we were first married almost 50 years ago. I honestly don’t believe it was intentional. They always notified us on recalls

  2. Actually not even up to the dealership to notify customers of recalls its GM. AND it is extremely easy to overlook as you have multiple vehicle history and background report resources through GM web based service’s. Not to mention the open recalls were for reprogramming an airbag module, and installing a small little useless bracket in the seat. No need to blow it out of proportion.

  3. So do those people who were affected get anything, or does the state just pocket the cash?

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