VIDEO: Jamestown Freshman Takes Knee During Anthem In Dunkirk

DUNKIRK-Freshman Lebron Fisher was the lone Jamestown Red Raider on the Junior Varsity Football Team to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem on Thursday night.

Fisher’s mother, Crystal Graham, stood behind a fence just several hundred feet away from where her son was kneeling down behind some of his teammates.

“I am very proud of my son as he did it alone,” said Graham. “He’s got the heart of a lion. I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

The movement to take a knee during the national anthem was started by former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick during a 2016 preseason game. An NFL Network reporter was the first to spot him.



  1. She might feel different if she were being handed the flag that draped the coffin of her son had he lost his life protecting her rights. There’s a time and a place before the Athem or even afte not during. Teach your kids to respect God and Country.

  2. What does he know about oppression? He has the right to kneel. His coach also has the right to sit his sorry ads for the rest of the season. If the coach doesn’t, then he is spineless.

  3. i was at this game, while kneeling during the anthem ; to me ; is simply disrespectful…protest any other time- i’ll respect your right to do so, but the anthem is a moment of respect to those who serve an have served. as for a story on this kid kneeling, shoulda panned the camera around to the dozens of ppl walking around, running, laughing , ignoring the anthem..they showed total disregard..made me more pissed than this one kid kneeling!

  4. You can’t believe that this type of reaction wasn’t gonna happen. It’s western ny/ South Carolina.

  5. Awesome! Just another example of our failed education system and someone looking for their 15 minutes of local fame. Go join the military and then he might have something worth hearing.

  6. You might feel different if your son was called nigger, or pulled over for being black, on one of the other million ways blacks are treated different than whites in this country. Unfortunately you can’t see that.

  7. I am proud of this young man! He have the constitutional right to do it, besides, the ones that are disrespectful are the ones that discriminate and are racist.

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