VIDEO: Man Drowns After Falling Into River

JAMESTOWN-A 47-year-old man is deceased Wednesday after falling into the Chadakoin River near the corner of Harrison and Winsor St. per Jamestown Police Captain Robert Samuelson.

The man reportedly fell into the river just before 3 PM as he was trying to cool off.

Captain Samuelson said this appears to be an accidental drowning.

Jamestown Fire and the county’s dive team recovered the body.

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

The area of Winsor and Harrison Sts. is closed as crews work the scene.

WNYNewsNow editor Matt Hummel contributed to this report.


  1. Any part of Chadcoin River that is has hard flowing water should be blocked off from the community… there should be signs up where nobody can get to them areas.. there’s plenty of other areas where you can go waiting or sit with even flowing water to put your feet in to cool down

  2. Was probably on heroin and passed out in the water and died. It’s sucks to say but is it really that hard to believe.o

  3. I don’t think the flow of the water was the issue. It may have been the depth of the water at the location or he may have hit his head or had a medical emergency that contributed to the accidental drowning. The river is at low levels right now but the depth of the river can rise several feet in just a matter of a few hrs. if we have heavy rains or the dam is opened up. The public needs to take responsibility for their actions by using common sense when along the rivers edge at any time and any location. This was a 47 yr old adult. Fences will not solve the problem. They are difficult to maintain, and can easily be climbed or shirted around.

  4. They should mark areas that are safe to enjoy a chance to wade in the water and put in steps in those areas

  5. Michael….Not Everyone does drugs…so to make this kind of statement is uncalled for…They just wanted to cool off.. someone drounds and died…You sound so heartless…This is a human life…It You Don’t have anything nice to say…DONT SAY IT…

  6. That’s a pretty ignorant comment from someone hiding behind a computer. Dennis was a great person and you should remove that comment. If you would like to further discuss this issue, you can come to the wake and I would be glad to educate you on class and respect. You could only wish to be a quarter of the man Dennis was.

  7. Maybe you have experienced the pain of someone close to you being on heroin, that is not our family’s experience. We have lost a loved one due to a tragic accident. If you would’ve known my brother you would’ve never spewed such ignorance. May the God I love and serve help you to never comment with such ignorance again.

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