VIDEO: Solar Eclipse Crosses WNY, Jamestown Residents React

JAMESTOWN-Workers downtown are reacting to a partial solar eclipse that dimmed the skies Monday afternoon.

One woman told WNYNewsNow she has never seen an eclipse before. When we asked for one word to describe the phenomenon, she said “amazing!”

Meanwhile, in Frewsburg, the Martz Observatory hosted a viewing party to view the partial eclipse that captivated Western New York.

Submitted photo by Elizabeth Keller. Shows eclipse blanked with clouds over Jamestown.

Richard Carlson from the Observatory said they had solar telescopes on hand to view the eclipse.

This eclipse covered about 75% of the sun in Western New York.

WATCH FULL VIDEO: Partial Solar Eclipse In Downtown Jamestown

The event captivated much of the United States throughout the afternoon hours Monday.

In 2024 Western New York will sit in the “path of totality” during an eclipse in mid-spring.

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