VIDEO: Tornado Reportedly Touches Down Near Warren, PA

WARREN, PA-A 911 dispatcher in Youngsville, PA reportedly observed a tornado near Youngsville Thursday evening.

WNYNewsNow and Skyline Weather forecaster contributor Dakota Hunter reported a tornado touched down near Youngsville, PA at 7:59, moving east at 30 MPH.

The Facebook Live video, taken by John Sherrard, apparently shows a funnel cloud passing near Warren, PA.

Sherrard told WNYNewsNow the video was taken in Downtown Warren facing north.

Image by Cassidy Arnold, Facebook.

The National Weather Service in Warren County issued a Tornado Warning at 7:54 PM.

Forecasters said the storm is headed in the direction of Olean, NY. As of 8:30 PM Thursday no further tornado warnings have been issued.



  1. This was al behind our complex. We live in the Alleghaney Village just off the Four-lanes and we started to get pinned by the storm. it was all good and we kept track of the weather. next thing i knew i heared my mom say This aint funny. she ran to look outside and then we heared the volunteer fire Dept sire go off to indicate a tornado warning. my mom told us in these words “get your asses inside and get into the closet and buckle down” i wasted no time and got my 5 year old brother and rushed into the closet… my mom went outside to alert the neighbors. we and my brother were in the closet buckeled down waiting for my mom to say it was okay to come out. we spent at most 20 minutes in the closet untill my mom said it was okay. the tornado did no damage it passed 5 miles behind out complex behind this big hill. we were all shooken up and when i was in the closet i was scared out of my mind and i sent out a prayer to the lord in these words “Dear heavenly father, please help us make it through this safely as well as everyone else who is in this event. Amen” and i kept that in my head the whole time and we made it through the whole thing safely… my concern is not about me and my family… but the people who were in the path of the tornado. this was my 2nd tornado experience and one i will never forget.

  2. We were up I Chapman State park when this happened. We were on our way out of the campground, heading into town. We had to turn around before we got to the beach area due to downed trees. Trees were bent over and the tops of them were swirling. One tree flew across the road like it was shot from an arrow. The day after we drove around the park opposite the campground and saw several huge pine trees uprooted. What an experience.
    Thankfully no one or any RV’s in the campground got hurt or damaged.

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