Voter Turnout Expected To Reach Near Presidential Election Totals

MAYVILLE – As of Tuesday afternoon, Chautauqua County Board of Elections officials were predicting a near presidential election turnout for this year’s midterm vote.
Democratic Commissioner of Elections Norm Green told WNYNewsNow that the board expects to fall  just short of the historic 2016 numbers.
“We’re not going to have presidential numbers, but we’re going to have near presidential numbers,” Green said. “We had 70 percent for the Trump election and we’re going to be in the 60 percentile by the end of the night.”
Voters have reported longer lines to vote hen they anticipated and plenty of cars parked at or near polling places.
The presidential election in 2016 had large coattails, as presidential elections often do. In Chautauqua County, according to results published by the county Board of Elections, 53,749 people voted for a presidential candidate.In the U.S. Senate race, 52,362 people cast a vote, while 51,901 voted for Congress. The State Senate race that year drew 52,523 and the Assembly race garnered 51,669 votes.