“Who’s Running, Again?!!” A Look At 2017 Candidate List

MAYVILLE-George Borrello (R) and Mike Ferguson (D) are, as you’ve seen throughout the last few months on the site, battling to replace retiring County Executive Vince Horrigan.

Lee Ann Lazorony (D) hopes to defeat incumbent Republican County Clerk Larry Barmore.

WNYNewsNow will do a breakdown of races based on position and region.

Please read the bold headings to see who is running in your area of Chautauqua County. All races provided are from the Chautauqua County Board of Elections website.

County Legislator Race

Democrat James Palmatier will challenge incumbent Republican Kevin Muldowney for District 1 (Dunkirk.) Democrat Bob Bankoski, however, will be running unopposed for District 2 (also part of Dunkirk).

Democrat Bob Dando will challenge incumbent  Bob Scudder for District 3 (Fredonia-Pomfret). Democrat Christine Starks of Fredonia will be unopposed for District 4.

District 5 (Sheridan, Arkwright, Villenova, East Pomfret and Town/Village Cherry Creek) incumbent Republican Terry Niebel will be running unopposed.

Hanover Town Councilman Kevin O’Connell seeks to replace Borello for District 6 (Silver Creek and Town of Hanover). He will run against Republican Gary Cerne.

District 7 Republican legislator Mark Odell (Brocton, Stocton, Cassadaga) will be running unopposed as of now. District 8-Homemaker Jeri Ann Simora, a political new comer, is challenging Republican Pierre E Chagnon, who represents Bemus Point and the towns of Ellery and N. Harmony.

District 9 Jamestown Democratic Legislator Chuck Nazzaro will be unopposed. District 10 legislator P.J. Wendel (R) also will be unopposed for the Southwest Jamestown area as well as parts of Busti.

District 11-Jamestown businessman and political new comer Frank Besse is challenging County Republican Party Chair Dave Wilfong in District 11.  District 12-Political new comer Dave Reinhardt, director of athletics for Chautauqua Striders, is challenging Elisabeth Rankin, who is the executive assistant to Assemblyman Andy Goodell.

Jamestown native Paul Whitford will be running unopposed for District 13. Daniel Pavlock and Lisa Vanstrom (Republicans, 14 and 15) also appear to be running unopposed.

District 16-Poland Town Councilman Terry Walker and Republican John Davis are running to take over from retiring Legislator Ron Lemon, representing Frewsburg, Kennedy and the towns of Poland, Carroll and Kiantone.

District 17 Legislator Jay Gould III appears to be running unopposed.

District 18-Chautauqua Lake Elementary school principal Ella Ames, a registered Independence Party member, is challenging Republican Legislature Chairman David Himelein, representing Mayville and Findley Lake and the towns of Sherman, Mina and all but a small eastern sliver of Chautauqua Town.

District 19-Ripley Library Board President Laurel Adams, also a political new comer, is challenging Republican John Hemmer, representing Westfield and Ripley.

State Supreme Court Justice

Lynn Wessel Keane and Erin M. Peradotto are the candidates.

City Of Dunkirk 

City Judge Candidates: John Kuzdale (D), Joseph Price (A) and Ronald Szot (Green)

City Treasurer: Mark A. Woods (D)

City Council At-Large: Andrew J. Woloszyn (D)

City Council Ward 1: Donald Williams, Jr. (D), Dennis Welka (Conservative)

Ward 2: Martin Bamonto (D)

Ward 3: Adelino Gonzalez, Jr. (D) and Shaun Heenan (R)

Ward 4: Michael Civiletto

City Clerk Board of Assessors

Thomas Mleczko

City of Jamestown

City Council At-Large (Vote for 3): Greg Rabb (D, incumbent City Council President), Robert Whitney, Jr. (D), Vanessa Weinert (D), Kimberly Ecklund (R), Andrew Liuzzo (R) and Michael Laurin (R)

City Council Ward 1: Brent Sheldon

Ward 2: Joseph Scapelitte (D) and Tony Dolce (R)

Ward 3: Victoria James (D)

Ward 4: Marie Carruba (D) and Richard Elardo (R)

Ward 5: Maria Jones (D)

Ward 6: Tom Nelson (D)

Town (Town Council, Vote for 2)

Arkwright Town Council: Republicans Christopher Cannon and Lawrence Ball

Town Highway Superintendent Vacancy: Roger Cardot (D) and James Ziemba (R)

Busti Town Council: Republicans Todd Hanson and Kenneth Lawton

Caroll Town Supervisor: Todd Ekstrom (D) and Laura Greenwood (R)

Town Clerk Vacancy: Crystal Gibson (D) and Tenneil Stelmack (R)

Town Council: Democrats Patty Ekstrom and Michelle Lingenfelter and Republicans Thomas Fenton and Nathan Conrad.

Charlotte Town Supervisor: Kenneth Bochmann (D) and Allen W. Chase (R)

Town Clerk: Jennifer Stenta (D) and Susan Peacock (R)

Town Council: Republicans Mark Abbey and Darren Carlstrom

Town Highway Superintendent: Mark LeBaron

Chautauqua Town Justice: Randolph Henderson (D)

Town Council: Democrats Tom Carlson and Sharon Smead and Republican David Ward

Cherry Creek Town Supervisor: William Young (R)

Town Clerk: Mary Pulliam (R)

Town Council: Carl Smallback (D) and Republican James Abbey

Town Highway Supervisor: Kenneth Chase (R)

Town Tax Collector: Mia Abbey (R)

Clymer Town Council: Democrats Howard Holthouse and David Tewinkle and Republicans Todd Kolstee and Matthew Wade

Town Tax Collector: Republican Willowe Neckers

Dunkirk Town Supervisor: Richard Purol (D)

Town Clerk: Jean Crane (R)

Town Justice: Chris Penfold (R)

Town Council: Juan Pagan (D) and Robert Penharlow (R)


Town Supervisor: Arden Johnson (R)

Town Justice: Republican Lawrence Wallace

Town Council: Republicans John Cresanti and G Craig Miller


Town Supervisor: Republican Patrick McLaughlin

Town Clerk: Democrat Michael Erlandson

Town Justice: Democrat Sally Jaroszynski

Town Highway Supervisor: Republican Robert Picket Jr.

Town Council Ward 1: Democrat Patrick Tyler

Ward 2: Janet Bowman Republican

Ward 3: Democrat David Dunn and Republican Katy Whitmore

Ward 4: Democrat Bryce Webster and Republican Daniel Heitzenrater


Town Council: Republicans Kevin Colburn and Jeff Reynolds and Democrats Jeff Chase and Klaus Mandel

French Creek:

Town Supervisor: David White (R)

Town Clerk: Arlene Bemis (R)

Town Justice: Vicki Reynolds (R)

Town Council: Republicans Wayne Emory and Norvel Willink

Town Highway Superintendent: Republican Arthur Malecki

Town Tax Collector: Republican Brenda White.


Town Supervisor: John Crossley (R)

Town Clerk: Recia Myers (R)

Town Council: Republicans Randy Zahm and Linda Bartholomew

Town Highway Superintendent: Republican Brian Anderson


Town Justice: Democrat Anthony Pearl, Republican Phillip Hall and Conservative Wayne Ashley.

Town Council: Democrats Edward Schintzius and Peter Gibson and Republicans Bernard Feldman, Jr. and Adam Karnes


Town Supervisor:

John Brown (R)

Town Clerk:

Republican Shelly Johnson

Town Justice:

Bruce Scolton

Town Council:

Republicans David Hinderer and Peter Radka

Town Highway Supervisor:

Republican Timothy Card

Town Tax Collector: Republican Carrie Finnerty


Town Supervisor: Republican Kevin Myers

Town Clerk: Republican Gail Davis

Town Justice (Vote for 2): Democrat Lori Thierfeldt and Republicans Mindy Ostrander and Robert Buchanan.

Town Council: Republicans Joshua Ostrander and Kurt Sturzenbecker

Town Highway Superintendent: Democrat Robert Carlson


Town Supervisor: Rebecca Brumagin (D)

Town Clerk: Republican Sherrie Tanner

Town Justice: Republican Denis Cooper

Town Council: Democrat Michelle Weilacher and Republicans Dennis Luce and Richard Watrous.

Town Council Vacancy: Republican Ernest Roache.

Town Highway Superintendent: William Himelein (R)

North Harmony

Town Supervisor: Republican Sally Carlson

Town Clerk: Republican Nancy Thomas

Town Council: Republicans Richard Sena and Frank Stow Jr.

Town Highway Superintendent: Republican Dan Strickland


Town Supervisor: Republican Kelly Snow

Town Clerk: Bonnita Wallace Republican

Town Council: Democrat Corey Swanson and Republican Stevan Hatfield


Town Supervisor: Donald Steger (D)

Town Clerk: Allison Dispense (D)

Town Council: Democrats Brett Christy and Christopher Schaeffer and Republican Michael Reynolds

Town Highway Superintendent: Democrat Joel Chimera and Republican Daniel Bigelow


Town Supervisor: Democrat Daniel Schrantz

Town Clerk:  Democrat Roxane Sobecki

Town Council: Democrats Jerry Boltz and Matt Furman and Republican Rick Manzella

Town Highway Supervisor: Republican Kenneth Becker

Town Tax Collector: Democrat Susan Hindman


Town Council: Democrats Patricia Hathaway and John Trevelline


Town Supervisor: Republican John Walker II

Town Clerk: Democrat Susan Bigler and Republican Rebecca Schafer

Town Justice: Republican Lydia Romer

Town Council: Democrat Ann Tofil and Republicans Richard Feinen and Craig Sutton, Jr.

Town Council Vacancy: Thomas Wik (R)


Republicans Howard Crump and Gerald Russell


Town Justice: Mark Cunningham

Town Council: Democrat Stan Zembryski and Republican Allen S. Chase


Town Council: Democrats Nathan Palmer and Dane Scott and Republican Westley Republican.


Town Justice: Republican Jerry LaPorte

Town Council: Republicans David Spann and William Northrop.


Bemus Point

Village Mayor: Bryan Dahlberg Republican

Trustee: Republicans Margaret Richardson and Michele Novotny


Village Trustee:

Democrat Jason DeJoe and Republicans Arthur Miller and Bryan Woleben


Village Mayor: Democrat Scott Schrecengost and Conservative Jacob Feldt

Village Trustees: Mary Keeney and Michael Moss


DeEtte Dispenza (D) and J. Michael Steele (R)


Village Justice Democrat David Prince

Village Trustee: Democrats Leslie Wille and Steven Yunghans and Republicans Douglas Essek and Roger Britz, Jr.

Village Trustee Vacancy: Democrat Michael Barris, Republican Dale Ricker and Village Vitality Ronald Lee Sellers.


Village Trustee

Democrats Edward McCague III and Douglas Schutte, Conservative Jack McCray and Working Families Myra Blasius.


Citizens First

Kimberly Davis

Sherman V

Village Mayor: Democrat David Miles, Working Families Peter Baker and Peoples Colleen Meeder

Village Trustee: Democrat Donna Higginbotham and Rights Kirk Ayers and Brian Bates