Will Jamestown City Council Have A Fresh Approach In 2018?

JAMESTOWN-Exactly one week after residents voted City Council President Greg Rabb out of his position, people are speaking out about the direction that they feel the city is headed in. 

“We don’t have a council that asks questions,” said Todd Tranum, the President and CEO of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce.

“We have a council that has become a rubber stamp, and that has, in many situations, allowed an administration to, frankly, push out the business community from a lot of boards and committees and that’s very concerning to us.”

Incumbent Kimberly Ecklund has served on the City Council since 2003. Last week, she received the most votes with 2,298.

“The Republicans have the minority so it will ultimately be up to the Democrats to bring forward a new Council President and Committee assignments/chairs once the absentee ballots are counted should there be no change in the results,” said Ecklund.

Other members who received a vote of confidence from residents included Republican Tony Dolce, who beat Democrat Joseph Scapelitte handily, and Maria Carrubba, who won her third election by defeating Richard Elardo with 62 percent of the vote.