Yay or Nay? Falconer Mayor Casts Early Vote On Annexation

FALCONER- Mayor James ¬†Rensel said Monday he expects the village to vote “No” when the entity decides whether to support or oppose a potential BPU annexation.

“We see no positive end for the village’s tax payers,” Rensel said.

Rensel said the village will adjust according if the annexation does go through.

“Everyday is a budget day in the village,” the mayor said. “Myself and the governing body will meet should the budget need to be adjusted.”

Rensel insinuated the city is intentionally taking money from hard-working tax-payers in the village.

“As a mayor, I wouldn’t want to take hard-earned money from taxpayers of another town or entity.”

We will reach out to Jamestown government within the next week for response to such comment.