Pollaro’s Point: Baby It’s Dumb Outside After Station Bans Classic Christmas Song

Like everything else they touch, an extremist few are trying to ruin the holidays in a very specific way.
By banning the song Baby It’s Cold Outside from some radio stations, a handful of people are being Scrooge pre- apparition.
A Cleveland radio station announced it has stopped playing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” after listeners said the song heard on countless holiday playlists is inappropriate.
WDOK-FM midday host Glenn Anderson posted on the station’s website he recognizes that society was different when the song was wrote back in 1944, but he doesn’t think it has a place today, especially in the era of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.
Anderson said that the song would no longer be in its around-the-clock rotation of holiday music.
So this begs the question: why are they not banning songs about shooting police, about mistreating a “ho” or getting drugged up?
Why are they not banning hate or violence at the most holy time of the year for many people?
But, because a fictional character wants the romantic affection of another fictional character, they are ready to again censor what they don’t like.
What’s next? Romeo and Juliet? A beautiful, violent love story that they may mislike.
Or perhaps the Bible? Chock full of love, death, betrayal, hope and fear.
The only censorship I support is self-censorship. If you’re going to say or do something as stupid as this, shut up.
Even if the song is offensive, in some very selective way, who is helped by the song being banned.
It won’t give a woman beater pause to reconsider his evil habits.
It won’t make a rapist feel remorse or stop him from his horrible crime.
All it does is dump a lump of coal in too many stockings.
While they turn up the anger, hate and stupidity, I find myself enjoying Baby It’s Cold Outside a few times daily.
So if the song is being judged, it needs to be judged on the values from when it was written, not by today’s standards.
Baby It’s Dumb Outside.


  1. The problem is that today there are no standards. We live in a very sick and selfish society. One persons trash is another persons treasure.

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