Pollaro’s Point: Cuomo’s Strong-Arm Tactics On Full Display In NRA Suit

JAMESTOWN – The recent lawsuit by the National Rifle Association against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is disturbing on many levels and for many reasons.
An elected official, who swore to defend and protect the Constitution, has begun seemingly bullying banks and financial institutions to stop doing business with the NRA, in effect, limiting the group and its 5 million members from their first amendment right to free speech in defense of their second amendment rights.
Public uproar would be off the charts if he did this regarding abortion, freedom of religion or civil rights; but because Cuomo has targeted legal gun owners, much of the public is silent.
His efforts to make legal gun owners the villans in the face of public shootings has assaulted millions of law-abiding gun owners across New York and the nation.
It seems Cuomo did his best Michael Corleone imitation and tried to strong-arm institutions into taking his offer they couldn’t refuse. For Cuomo to attack honest citizens for safeguarding their God-given rights to speak and to defend themselves would have been treason mere decades ago. But, in today’s society, certain groups believe the ends justify the means.
Imagine if Cuomo had muscled banks, insurers  and other financial institutions to end business affiliations with people and organizations which promote the right to freedom of religion. Suppose he said no one should do business with Catholics, or only with Catholics. The public would no longer be muted about it. Such an act would be severally and justly criticized.
The obvious illegality of this action tells me Cuomo cares not one jot or tittle about my individual and collective rights.
The NRA, of which I am a proud member, is justified in suing over this. And they are not just doing so for gun owners, but for all of our Constitutional rights. Remember, if the government can change or eliminate a right, it is no longer a right but a privilege.
It is time for Cuomo to back off, leave law-abiding gun owners alone and concentrate on the budget, employment, schools and roads. To attack me and my fellow gun owners is not constitutional, not honest and not in the best interests of our state or nation. When one right falls, another will soon follow. Sic Semper Tyrannus.
 The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Rory B. Pollaro and do not imply endorsement by the WNYNewsNow or its sponsors.

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  1. It’s time to vot Cuomo out of office. Time for a reality check on New York State politics. We live in a democracy not a dictatorship.

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