Pollaro’s Point: Kavanaugh Hearing Was About More Than A Supreme Court Seat

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Rory B. Pollaro and do not imply endorsement by WNYNewsNow or its sponsors.
On the surface, the hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was an advise and consent job interview.
In reality, it was an assault that victimized the judge and the alleged victim, Dr. Ford. Both have had their voracity disdained, their character besmirched and, with no proof, a man’s life and reputation destroyed.
The truth is, it seems to me, this was a political assassination against Kavanaugh and would have been against whomever President Donald Trump nominated. Sen. Charles Schumer, and other leading Democrats came out against the nomination even before Kavanaugh was named.
What this really is an assault on is the presumption of innocence. One of the wonderful things about America is that we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unlike other nations, we are not required to prove our innocence. The burden of proof is on the accuser and the prosecution.
Ford, as rattled and ill at ease she understandingly seemed, offered no proof that Kavanaugh was even at a party with her, let alone that he sexually assaulted her.
If we convict and not nominate based solely on unproven allegations no one, man or woman, Republican or Democrat, is safe. If we allow guilty in the court of public opinion to mean guilty in the Senate or the courts, we all lose.
Truthfully, I doubt there would have been these accusations if Kavanaugh or any other nominee would have supported Roe v. Wade.
I believe this is an attempt to quash the nomination because of fears the court would overturn Roe v. Wade. This is about the left’s support to kill unborn babies and continue to call it “reproductive rights.”
So what is being reproduced? Reproduction is the creation of a copy of something or the creation of offspring through sexual reproduction. So calling abortion reproductive health is inaccurate. The question is whether the inaccuracy is intentional. Abortion equals reproductive health is akin to life equals death or euthanasia is equal to one’s golden years.
If we call a stone a steak, it is still a stone, no matter how much we are force-fed it. Since nothing is physically being reproduced, it can’t accurately be reproductive health.
Moreover, the left has been anything but the loyal opposition. They have just been the opposition. In this case, they were in opposition the day President Trump was sworn in, if not the night he won the election.
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is Clarence Thomas all over again, only worse, with more vitriol, less honor and no dignity.
Calling in the FBI, for a seventh look at Kavanaugh, is a stalling tactic. In the words of Democrat Joe Biden, the FBI does not reach a finding either way. It interviews people and gives those interviews to Trump, who gives it to the Senate Committee. It is little different from having the Senate interview the parties, which is what they did.
Besides, the FBI was given Ford’s letter  and determined there was no case there.
In addition, Ford’s allegations were known to the ranking Democrat, who not only didn’t inform her colleagues, but held the allegations when they should have been brought up during the initial hearing. She waited to spring it at, not the 11th hour, but the 25th hour. If she believed it sincere, why wouldn’t she bring it forth to the committee during the hearing so it could be addressed immediately in the proper setting?
Add to this, the sex crimes prosecutor who questions Ford and Kavanaugh said Friday, based on her questions and their answers, there was no evidence that would lead to a conviction. Others have said no one could have gotten a search warrant on such lack of evidence.
There is no honor in how this was handled, there is no glory in the evil that men do. This is another black mark on our political leaders. If the nomination withers and dies on the vine, our grandchildren will learn in history class that this is when the presumption of innocence died and jurisprudence collapsed and liberty declined. God help us all.
The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Rory B. Pollaro and do not imply endorsement by WNYNewsNow or its sponsors.