Carruba Voted In As Jamestown’s Next City Council President

JAMESTOWN – A local disability advocate who grew up wanting to involve herself in local politics was voted in as City Council President on Monday after a long tenure as a City Council Member.
Marie Carrubba (D) received a majority vote at a special meeting held at City Hall.
“It’s very different sitting in that chair leading the council,” said Carrubba. “Politics has always been in my blood. I remember going to the polls when my parents voted for John F. Kennedy, I was about five-years-old at the time.”
In November, city voters ousted long-time Council President, Democrat, Greg Rabb, after 10 years of service.
Democrats hold a slight majority over the Republicans, 5-4.
The meeting also marked the first time in a decade that Mayor Sam Teresi attended a meeting without his friend and colleague, the former Council President.
“It was different,” Teresi said. “Greg did a terrific job as the City Council President. He (Rabb) was everything that public service can, is and needs to be about.”
Carrubba said city residents are concerned with a multitude of things including well-publicized budget issues.
“The State is recognizing all that we’ve done to get back on track, and now they’re trying to help us out.”