City Council At-Large Results Remain The Same

JAMESTOWN-Upon further review, the call stands regarding the City Council At-Large positions.

Incumbent Kimberly Ecklund (R), Andrew Liuzzo (R), and Vanessa Weinert (D) appear to be a state certification shy of retaining, or in Liuzzo and Weinert’s case, obtaining, seats with the governing body. (Remember, Councilman George Spitale’s impending retirement created a vacancy.)

The only noteworthy change stemming from the absentee ballots (results as of 12 PM Monday on Board of Elections website) involved Liuzzo and Weinert. Liuzzo is at 2,075 while Weinert is 3rd with 2,063, but Weinert originally was in second with 1,954 and Liuzzo 3rd with 1,952.

Outgoing City Council President Greg Rabb (D) jumped to 4th with 1,954 while Michael Laurin (R) dropped to 5th with 1,985.

Democrat Robert Whiney, Jr. (D) remains in 6th place with 1,745.