Cuomo Flexes Political Muscle, Vows To Use Executive Order To Allow Felons To Vote

NEW YORK – Gov. Andrew Cuomo will use an executive order to grants felons and parolees the right to vote.

“I proposed a piece of legislation to General Holder this past year that said parolees should have the right to vote,” Cuomo said. “The Republican Senate voted down that piece of legislation, which is another reason why we need a new legislature this November.”
Cuomo made the announcement at the National Action Network’s annual conference in Manhattan.
“But I’m not willing to take no for an answer,” he said.  “I’m going to make it law by executive order, and I announced here today.”

The governor’s spokesman said it would rely on his constitutional ability to grant pardons to felons on parole, which would allow them to vote.

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  1. Another liberal failure. Dems want more votes but the best part will be when these people allowed to vote go cast their votes for Republican candidates. It’s mind blowing how they fight progress like they do. They’re obsolete in their ways and are being fazed out as time and the world changes. It’s time to get with the program.

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