Gun Control Measures Should Be Voted On Within One Month, Schumer Says

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday called for a vote on gun control within a month.
Standing with several children and their parents in Columbus Circle a day after thousands participated in the March for Our Lives rally, Schumer said he wants a vote on three measures. They include closing loopholes in federal background checks, creating a system to issue protective orders against potentially dangerous individuals and banning assault weapons.
“There’s a new feeling in the air, in the streets,” Schumer said. “Our Republican friends, who have just done whatever the NRA has wanted, are smelling the change in the air.”
“They are so worried about the elections of 2018. And when they see a mass movement like this sprung up not from the top down, but from the bottom up, enabled by social media and other things that didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago — they really get worried about their futures.”