Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Seeking More Signatures For Ballot

JAMESTOWN – New York State Liberterian Gubornatorial candidate Larry Sharpe is working rapidly to rack up as many signatures as possible before next Friday, August 17th, to allow him to be on the ballet for the 2018 General Election.
Chautauqua County Libertarian Party member Gerrit Cain told WNYNewsNow Friday on “NewsNow: New And Noteworthy” that Sharpe technically has the necessary amount of signatures to place Sharpe on the ballot. Cain said, however, that Sharpe’s opponents and, specifically, the Republican Party, will try to legally challenge all of the signatures.
“We technically have enough signatures right now to get Larry (Sharpe) on the ballot,” Cain said. “But, unfortunately, the big bully Republicans are going to challenge every single one of those signatures and try and keep him off the ballet.”
“We are going to try to get as many as we can (signatures) on top of that so we can beat the challenge.”
Cain said both the Republican and Democratic parties are riddled with brokenness and corruption.
“The other parties are absolutely broken,” Cain said. “They’re big, they’re career politicians. There’s a ton of big money, and those two things, and a lot of special interest money, don’t make for effective government.”
“The corruption on both sides of the isle is disgusting, not just Governor Cuomo, it’s the Republicans and Democrats. They’re basically in bed together.”
Cain said that Sharpe represents ideas that are rather new.
“Sharpe represents some fresh ideas. He’s a real person, he’s not a career politician,” Cain said. “He wants to localize government, so give the counties more control. Get rid of the unfunded mandates, which are just breaking us in the small communities upstate, and let us run our communities.”
Sharpe, in addition to battling Cuomo for the Governor’s seat, is also competing against Dutchess County Executive Mark Molinaro (R).

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