Mitrano Declares She’ll Run Again For Congressional Seat

PENN YAN – Tracy Mitrano, the Democrat who was defeated last Tuesday by incumbent Congressman Tom Reed, announced Wednesday on her campaign Facebook page that she will be running again for the US NY-23rd Congressional Seat.
Mitrano said that she remains energized as she hopes to continue growing what she labeled a “grassroots movement” in combating the issues citizens of the district face.
The following is her official statement, in its entirety:
Over the last week, I reflected on the race, thanked many of the people who made our campaign possible—and caught up on a lot of overdue sleep.
I also heard from hundreds of you, sharing kind feedback about the campaign and offering encouragement that we keep this movement going into 2020 and beyond.
I’ve heard you, I’ve discussed with my advisors and loved ones, and I’ve thought deeply about the work ahead. And now I have something to tell you: I’m in.
Last Tuesday’s results don’t change the facts: the people of Western New York, the Finger Lakes, and the Southern Tier deserve affordable healthcare, education that doesn’t come with a lifetime of debt, modern infrastructure, proper conservation of our natural resources, and tax policies that serve the working and middle class—not the 1% and big corporations.
I am committed to working for those causes and these people. That’s why I am running to be your 2020 nominee.
Though we didn’t cross the finish line this time around, we built a grassroots movement that will continue to grow over the next two years. I have always said I was in this fight for the long haul; the last Democrat to win this district did so on his second run, and I now understand why.
I am energized to continue this fight. I’m starting by launching a Thank You Tour to celebrate my volunteers and supporters in each of the district’s eleven counties—after that, I’ll embark on a Listening Tour to hear concerns of constituents who still feel left out of our politics.”
Congressman Tom Reed responded to Mitrano’s announcement during his weekly teleconference with reporters. Reed said this would be the first of many announcements from the Democratic party.
“I’m sure this is going to probably be the first of many announcements from the Democratic side as they continue to campaign to pick this seat,” Reed said. “My focus and priority is to listen to the voice that spoke just a week-plus ago, and make sure we’re governing for the district, that the interests of the district are put forward first and foremost, and we’re going to make sure people know where we stand on the issue.”
Reed defeated Mitrano, 53.7 to 43.9 percent overall (122,881-100,495). In Chautauqua County, Reed received 59.25 percent of the votes (16,579) while Mitrano obtained 40.70% (16,579).