Mitrano To Face Reed In November After Della Pia Concedes

NY-23RD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT – Tracey Mitrano (D) will face incumbent candidate Tom Reed (R) in November’s Congressional Election after Democrat Primary candidate Max Della Pia conceded Tuesday.
Mitrano accepted Della Pia’s concession only after partial absentee results gave her the lead.
“Although the final results of the primary election will not be certified until Thursday, I believe it is important to begin the work of uniting as a party to defeat Tom Reed. I want to thank everyone who supported me through this year-long, primary process,” Della Pia said in a statement.
Della Pia faced some controversy recently after The Buffalo News reported parts of Della Pia’s website were copied from the website of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat who lost a special House election in Georgia last year.
In today’s statement Della Pia thanked his family, friends and supporters for their assistance in the race.
Della Pia also thanked his fellow primary candidates, encouraging them to work together to elect a Democrat in the general election.
“To my fellow primary candidates, I want to thank you all for your friendship, your commitment, and drive. We must all, as a team— work together—unified—to make sure a Democrat wins this district, in November. You, your families, and your volunteers, all sacrificed so much to help you. For all that sacrifice, I thank you,” Della Pia said.
Mitrano in a statement thank all of the candidates for their courage in taking that extra step and running for office.
“They saw the challenges facing our District, and devoted their money, hearts, and lives to help the country we all love,” said Mitrano.
Mitrano said the crowded primary election was tough, but it was a shining example of energy and renewed civic duty that has broken out nationwide.
On election night Della Pia had a 26 vote lead over Mitrano. Andrei had third with 15.3% of the vote. Ian Golden is fourth at 13.4%, while Jamestown native Eddie Sundquist is last with 6.4%.