New Corruption Accusations Face Gov. Cuomo

ALBANY – New corruption accusations are swirling around Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he seeks a third term in office.
Several news agencies are reporting that Cuomo’s campaign received $25,000 from the law firm of Harvey Weinstein’s attorney, and six days later Cuomo called on State Attorney General Barbara Underwood to suspend an investigation into sexual misconduct claims. The donation was made in June.

Photo: ZUMA Press

Cuomo staffers immediately denied the allegations, saying the law firm has been a long-time contributor to Cuomo’s campaigns and that the firm has not represented Weinstein since late 2017.
Republican challenger Marc Molinaro reacted on Twitter.
“Victims of sexual abuse have never mattered to Andrew Cuomo. He’s been looking the other way for years when it benefitted him politically. Same with investigations into government wrongdoing. Whenever they get close to him or his pals he shuts them down,’ Molinaro tweeted.
Also responding on Twitter was Libertarian Candidate Larry Sharpe.
“Pay-to-play at its finest. We can change this, NY. It’s long overdue. This is embarrassing and ridiculous. He doesn’t even TRY to hide it because he’s used to us accepting it, and voting him in yet again. NOT THIS TIME,” Sharpe tweeted.