Reed Says He’s Still Awaiting Response From Cuomo

WASHINGTON РCongressman Tom Reed recently sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo raising concerns over the $1.7 billion in subsidies offered in exchange for Amazon locating their second headquarters in New York City.
WNYNewsNow asked Reed Wednesday during his weekly conference call if he’s received a response from Cuomo. Reed said, as of the call, he hasn’t received a response from the Governor.
“Obviously, that’s always disappointing when you don’t receive a response from the Governor’s office,” Reed said. “I think it was well covered, and I appreciate that, and I think the message was delivered and sent that we need to make sure our policies promote an ‘open-for business’ mindset each and every day, and that we don’t just pick winners and losers from outside the state, that our top priority should always be to focus on New York residents, New York businesses first.”
“Give them the relief before we try to entice people that figure out how to thread that needle out of the bureaucratic offices of the Governor and play politics. From my perspective, I look forward to a response, but I believe the message has been delivered and sent as to where I stand on the issues.”
WNYNewsNow asked Reed if he’d reach out to Cuomo again. Reed said he’d continue to keep his office available for engagement with Cuomo’s office.
“I’ll give it some time, but I’ll continue to make ourselves available to the Governor and join hands, when we can, to make sure that we are creating an environment that’s competitive and fosters entrepreneurship and has a New York vibrancy so our kids have an opportunity to stay here for the long-term, as opposed to what we are seeing now with the mass exidus with people, especially upstate,” Reed said.
“It’s time. I’m more than willing to engage, and will continue to do that, regardless of if there’s a response or not, because I believe in this, and it’s something I care deeply about. This is our home, and we got to fight for it.”