Sharpe Running Strong In Election Poll

NEW YORK – A recent Gravis Marketing Poll shows Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate, running a strong third behind Gov. Andrew Cuomo and GOP challenger Marc Molinaro.
However, those asked how they would vote after taking the poll, Sharpe would beat Molinaro 25 to 19 percent, with Cuomo being reelected with 38 percent.
The poll shows Cuomo leading with 48 percent, Molinaro second with 25 percent and Sharpe third with 13 percent. Stephanie Minor logged 8 percent and Howie Hawkins 6 percent.
While not leading, Sharpe is polling well ahead of any previous third party candidate’s actual election results in state history. The best result by a Libertarian candidate was in 2010, when Warren Redlich received 1 percent of the state vote. Overall, Libertarians gubernatorial candidates have averages 3.8 percent since 1978/
Totals may be higher than 100 percent because the numbers were rounded.
Voters who participated in the poll said New York’s tax burden is the top issue this election year. Government corruption was second, economic opportunity was third and Second Amendment rights fourth.
Voters said they would prefer a career politician in the Governor’s Mansion, with business person second and a political activist as the third choice.
As for corruption in state government, 56 percent of those polled said an outsider would be better equipped to police the corruption while 44 percent said a political insider would be preferred.
Regarding the Safe Act, only 27 percent of polled voters know that Sharpe is the only candidate calling for the repeal of the controversial gun law.
Polled voters said they trusted Cuomo to protect Second Amendment rights with 31 percent support. Sharpe and Molinaro garnered 25 percent, while Hawkins tallied 11 percent and Miner 8 percent.
Asked who would support and help expand small businesses and economic opportunity the most, Cuomo received 35 percent support. Molinaro received 27 percent, and Sharpe 21 percent. Miner tallied 10 percent and Hawkins, 8 percent.
Sharpe is second among candidates most likely to ease the heavy tax burden with 23 percent. Cuomo registered 35 percent, Molinaro 22 percent, Miner 12 percent and Hawkins 8 percent.


  1. I hope Sharp drops out. All he is doing is splitting the votes so Cuomo will win again.

  2. #larrysharpe has my vote!! Upstate/ Western NY Republican once a dem…. Going for the gold for Governor Larry Sharpe and Red Wave all the rest!!

  3. Mr. Larry Sharpe also wants Unregulated Hemp/Cannabis for NY Farmers and small business. He said regulation only helps big business. And they are closing in on the small growers of other states where it’s legal. NY should be the world leader in hemp farming, and its only possible with Larry Sharpe as Governor.

  4. 31 percent trust Cuomo to protect 2nd amendment rights? Are these people smoking crack or just plain stupid?

  5. These numbers show that Democrats have no idea the mess Democrats have caused. How can cuomo protect small businesses when his policies are driving them away. It’s not the weather. How can cuomo ease the heavy tax burden when he caused it. Stop voting party lines, it’s how we got into this mess as a state. Listen to some of Sharpe’s FB townhall meetings. Go see him in person. He had been all over this state sharing his ideas.

  6. Now all of a sudden Cuomo is going to lower tax burden?! Haha ya’ll kill me. People need to do their research on the candidates. Larry Sharpe is our only real choice for a better NY!

  7. This poll certainly illustrates that Cuomo supporters have little to no idea what the Democrats stand for. Democrats tax more and more and stifle the growth of small business. The only clear choice to break out of this economic stagnation is Larry Sharpe.

  8. 38 % said that Cuomo would protect the second ammendment? Who came up with the S.A.F.E. Act. Who said gun owners should move out of New York? Who presented the SAFE Act at a time of day with no notice? He wants to get the vote from Liberal Democrats who want to ban all guns!

  9. Sharpe is the best candidate in the race. I’ll take a hard working business man who is the son of a corrections officer over career politicians. Throw in that he’s a Marine…and you’ve got exactly what NYS needs.

  10. People are hopelessly misinformed if they think anyone other than Larry Sharpe will protect 2A, small businesses, and ease the tax burden. Cuomo is the tax KING

  11. My husband is a conservative, I’m a liberal and we are both pretty centrist. We’ve seen Larry Sharpe speak twice, and even streamed his interview with Glen Beck while traveling in Europe. He makes sense to the both of us. We are voting for him. And we are trying to spread the word.

  12. 1st. I don’t understand how anyone can trust Cuomo to protect 2nd ammendment rights.
    2nd. Cuomo is the most corrupt politician I’ve ever seen.
    3rd. I’m a registered Republican and am very disappointed with the Republican party for putting up such a weak candidate.
    4th. I will be voting for Larry Sharpe. Repeal the safe act.

  13. This shows how uninformed many potential voters are. I can only hope that they do some research before actually voting.

  14. Yea… and every mainscream poll and media showed Hillary a clear winner. Screw the polls and the media, they’re all biased, bogus, and BS!

  15. voters are clueless who indicate they think mr cuomo would be tops in expanding economic opportunity & easing the heavy tax burden in nys… this is just laughable.

  16. Both. Only 25% believe Sharpe will protect 2nd amendment? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. It totally illustrates why the machine keeps going.

  17. LARRYSHARPE.COM Larry sharpe is THE only candidate that stands a chance against Cuomo. There simply are not enough rep8blicans in this state to otherwise unseat our current dictatorship…if you want Cuomo gone Larry Sharpe should get your vote.

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