Sharpe Vows To Shoot Down Safe Act

CELORON – If elected, Libertarian candidate for New York Governor, Larry Sharpe will eliminate the Safe Act by starving its funding, pardoning victims of it and making it a low-priority in terms of enforcement.
Sharpe told WNYNewsNow, while speaking in Celoron Tuesday evening, that the Republicans and Democrats are protecting the Safe Act instead of getting rid of it.
“Just remember something, what the Republicans are telling you is actually a cop-out. They are saying that we can’t get rid of it because of the Assembly and because of the Senate. That is a cop-out, not true at all,” Sharpe said. “The Republicans and the Democrats together passed the safe act and have funded it for five years strait.”
Sharpe then laid-out his plan to kill the Safe Act.
“Here’s what an executive can do. Number one, pardon people who have been convicted of safe act offenses. In the first 90 days, I’ll begin to pardon all victims of the safe act. I’ll pardon them. The Republicans nominee has said he will pardon all nonviolent, he doesn’t know what that means. He just copied me. If you’re convicted of the safe act it’s a gun violation, which means by default you’re violent. New York State says you are a violent felon by default. So he will pardon no-one,” Sharpe said.
Sharpe said the Safe Act isn’t even Constitutional.
“Safe Act violations are unconstitutional, and  they should all be pardoned, period,” he said. “You rob a bank or something, go to jail for robbing a bank, that’s a crime. But safe act, no, you shouldn’t be put in jail because you have 11 rounds instead of six. That’s an embarrassment that should go away,” Sharpe said. “But even further, I will make sure everyone knows i will pardon so prosecutors will stop prosecuting. I’m just going to pardon them.”
“Second, any funding that comes across my desk, veto, done. I will force the assembly and senate to actually override my veto. No, I’m vetoing every one of them,” Third, I’m going to tell law enforcement this  is the absolute lowest priority to enforce, like you’re doing nothing else, then enforce it. We do that in the first year, whats going to happen is it is going to have no teeth and when it has no teeth and we actually have some of our second amendment rights back whats going to happen to NY State? Nothing, no zombie apocalypse, no wild west shootouts.”
WNYNewsNow Multimedia Journalist Justin Gould contributed to this report.


  1. This is the guy that will need everyone to get off their asses and vote. We tend to not vote because it’s always the same. But this guy isn’t one of the good ole boys. He has some radical ideas to change this state. There are 4 million gun owners in New York State alone. How he wants to make marijuana legal WITHOUT government oversight. How he wants to get rid of outrageous licensing for start up businesses. This guy will talk to you and he will listen. We all need to vote in this election and we need more media coverage of his ideas! WNY news now, you ought to do an interview with him!!

  2. Me and my fellow hunters, gun owners, collectors, shooters, etc. are NOT criminals. This stupid law changed our lives for the worse OVERNIGHT. It makes nobody safer and leads to less cooperation and respect for law enforcement. This makes all of us LESS safe. Not only that it costs tax dollars to enforce.
    Larry is the ONLY candidate with a great plan to phase it our and eventually eliminate it. I’m not a single issue voter but this is huge and he has my vote in November and my support as a volunteer until then.

  3. This man makes sense, and his economic plan for New York is sound. Sharpe for Governor! Don’t waste your vote!

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