Sheriff’s Race Headlines Primary Day For Chautauqua County

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY – Headlined by the Conservative Primary for Chautauqua County Sheriff, numerous primary elections were held throughout the county Thursday evening. 
Sheriff candidate James Quattrone readily defeated incumbent Joe Gerace, 214-107.
Randall Holcomb won the Town of Busti’s County Committee Republican Primary with 85 votes. Susan Drago placed second with 80, while Douglas Schutte finished third with 74.
Thomas DeJoe won the Town of Portland’s Independence Party Primary for Town Justice with 15 votes. Daniel Thompson placed second with nine, while Michelle Patterson finished third with seven.
Lawrence Freligh was the victor in the Town of Ripley’s Conservative Primary for Town Justice, receiving six votes to John Hamels’s two. Hamels, however, won the Independence Primary over Freligh, 5-4.