U.S. Bombs Syria, Local Congressional Candidate Warns Of Involvement In Middle East

JAMESTOWN – Congressional Candidate Eddie Sunquist (D) is afraid the United States may get sucked into another Middle East conflict following an attack on key targets in Syria Friday.
Sunquist said in a statement that he believes a “decisive and proportional response” is needed after the Arab Nation engaged in chemical weapons attacks on its own people.
The candidate, however, believes that President Trump’s actions are “vague, unclear and lacking in congressional approval.”
“I have seen too many of my brothers and sisters in the Southern Tier lose their lives in unnecessary wars; we do not need another long-term conflict where American blood is at risk,” said Sunquist. “There is no need to make the mistakes of previous administrations.”
Sunquist is calling on his opponent, Congressman Tom Reed (R), to demand that President Trump’s Administration seek congressional approval for such strike.
He also wants the President to issue a clear exit strategy before entering into further action in Syria.

President Donald Trump announced Friday that the United States, France and Britain launched military strikes in Syria to punish President Bashar Assad for an apparent chemical attack against civilians and to deter him from doing it again. Explosions lit up the skies over Damascus, the Syrian capital, as Trump spoke from the White House.
Trump said the U.S. is prepared to sustain pressure on Assad until he ends what the president called a criminal pattern of killing his own people with internationally banned chemical weapons.
“The evil and the despicable attack left mothers and fathers, infants and children, thrashing in pain and gasping for air. These are not the actions of a man; they are crimes of a monster instead,” Trump said.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.